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Who We Are:

Established in 2012, the Sales Society is one of the most recognized and premier organizations for shaping people, sales and business at Florida International University. Open to all majors, member growth and success is our number #1 priority. Therefore, members are equipped with the right resources, skills and are given real world experiences to become better leaders and sales professionals. It is for this reason why the Sales Society is highly ranked for job and internship placement and continues to attract top fortune companies for sponsorship.

What We Do:

The Sales Society meets each week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Activities include workshops, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, Industry Nights, information sessions, corporate tours, mock competitions, and social events. Our members receive invitations to job interviews and offers for internships and full-time positions as a result of their participation.



Gain resume-building experience through various projects and activities. Members have used these experiences to land their dream internship/jobs.



Network with our guest speakers, corporate sponsors, professors and fellow sales society members.



Make long lasting friendships with like minded and goal oriented people!

Meetings Every Tuesday and Thursday Nights:


 Our workshops provide FIU students with a grounded understanding of sales as a profession and a venue for further development of their interpersonal, networking, presentation, objection handling, negotiation, and closing skills.

Discussion Panels

Our Discussion panels allow for an open dialogue between our students and corporate professionals. From how to ace an interview to how to prepare yourself for the real world sales, our corporate sponsors come ready and eager to share their knowledge and experience to better equip students for their future careers. 

Industry Nights

Our members get the unique opportunity to network with our 20+ corporate sponsors in a personal and inviting environment we call Industry Night. This networking event allows for our students to make lasting impressions with corporate representatives which ultimately leads the way to internships/full-time job opportunities.

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