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Asked Questions

Do I have to be a business major to join?

Nope! The Sales Society is open to and will benefit ALL majors, as in life everyone lives by selling something!

How often are the meetings?

Our Professional Development meetings are every Tuesday starting at 6 PM and our Corporate Sponsor Meetings and Workshops are every Thursday starting at 6 PM. Follow us on Instagram for meeting reminders and updates!

I did not join during the beginning of the semester. Can I still be part of the Sales Society?

Yes! There is no deadline to register, but the sooner you Join the more you will gain! In order to Join, view the "Membership" tab for membership options.

What does my membership include?

A membership includes access to all of our activities including our Open House, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Industry Nights, Networking and other Exclusive Events. You will also get a member t-shirt, a welcome basket, a chance to win prizes and an excellent possibility at obtaining an internship or job. Free food every meeting!

Do I have to be Bilingual to compete in Spring 2022's Global Bilingual Sales Competiton?

Nope! The FIU GBSC is open to both English and Spanish-speaking students! There is an English only competition!

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