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Entrepreneurship Committee

Calling ALL current & future business owners! Or those who want to see what it take to run a business and pitch it to others! Hit the arrow to apply!

Sales Team Committee

Represent FIU against other sales students from other university's in various competitions, travel may be required. Hit the arrow to apply! (Spots are competitive)

Marketing Committee

Expand and practice your marketing skills even more! Flyer's, video's , social media, analytics, research, etc...we do it all! Hit the arrow to apply!

Recruitment & Attraction Committee

Do you enjoy stepping outside of your comfort zone? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you want others to benefit from the Sales Society? Hit the arrow to join the recruitment committee!

Professional Development Committee

If you want to go the extra mile and polish your personal brand, learn how to master presentations, build a strong resume and learn how to ace that interview - Hit the arrow to apply for the P.D committee!

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