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The Sales Society Incubator allows students to gain hands

on experience in marketing and sales through a “mini” internship
with one of our corporate sponsors shown above


Here are the most common concerns students have about participating in the Sales Society Incubator: 

 "I don't think I have the time, I'm a full time student"

That's fine! The Sales Incubator is flexible and will accommodate to your schedule. 

"I'll just worry about gaining experience later"

Almost all paid internships and full-time positions require some sort of experience or leadership skill, so if you wait too long you just might loose your chances of getting that super sweet job. Plus, it's never too early to start gaining experience! The more the better! 

"My Resume isn't impressive enough"

Don't stress! We don't expect you to have your resume all nice and polish. This apprenticeship, however, will differently help with that! Also, if you need help on your resume, please reach out to us and we'll help you! 

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!  APPLY TODAY! 

“The Incubator Program was a “win-win-win” experience!  The students who participated with us indicated the program provided them with valuable practical learning opportunities.  They also enjoyed having the opportunity to apply the knowledge that they gained in actual real-life situations.  We also enjoyed working side-by-side with the students and appreciated having the chance to listen to and learn from their perspectives.  We value the contributions that the students made and are looking forward to having the opportunity to share this experience with additional students!”

         Jerry van Dalen and Neil Walters

       Premier Group – SmarterCommerce


"The FIU Global Sales program has enhanced our hiring process for our Ticket Sales Department. The FIU Global Sales program has not only provided us with students eager to enter the professional sales industry, but their students are extremely well prepared from a sales skills perspective.  We have already promoted four FIU Global Sales program students into our Inside Sales Department. This program is providing students with real world sales experience before they graduate. The FIU Sales program students also make an immediate impact on our business goals as 67 season tickets have been sold by students and students have generated over $280,000 in season ticket revenue for the 19-20 season.  The sales events that also take place on the campus of FIU has also provided our staff with great opportunities to genuinely get to know all their students.  We are only in year two of our partnership and are very excited about the future of working with the FIU Global Sales program. "


Kevin Duplaga

Director of Sales - Miami Heat

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